Turtle Island Treasure Quest

Requirements: Access to Turtle Island
Required Items:
Elapsed Time: Short
Reward: 5 Banana Juice or 1 Red Gemstone or 1 Dead Branch

Note: You can do this quest only once per character.

At first you need access to Tirtle Island. Got it? Great! Now talk to the Scholar in Alberta (248, 90).

And then you need to click here to read the log. You need to do this twice.

It shows the coordinates you have to go. Read them carefully because they only show up once! Now you get 1 of 3 possible missions. We will show you the destinations for all of them. Let’s start with the shortest:

  1. Travel to Turtle Island and go to this location on the first floor. You will find a skull. Click on it and you will get 5 Banana Juice. That’s all…
  2. The second option starts inside the dungeon (2nd map) at the beginning.
    Then go to the crystals on the same map.
    And finally to the Turtle Pillar.
    You will get 1 Red Gemstone as a reward.
  3. The third option starts in the first floor of the Turtle Island dungeon. Click on the Turtle Stone.
    Go to this position on the second floor of the TI dungeon.
    Now go to the third floor to find another Turtle stone.
    You’ll find the last Turtle Stone in the 4th floor. Now you get 1 Dead Branch 🙂
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