Malangdo Fishing Festival

There are 3 parts in this guide. Just scroll down to get them all.

Note: If you have some trouble with the quest or with NPC’s (maybe they wont talk to you…etc.) please change your language to english and restart the game.

Part 1 – An introduction to this event:

screenChaos069The Malangdo Fishing Festival takes place in…? Hu, Malangdo! Just talk to the cat NPC at 2 o’clock in Izlude (well… the cat is sleeping on a bank). Choose the second option to get to Malangdo (you have to pay some Zeny). Nearby the spawn point youl will see the Chef Assistant. You have to buy a Fishing Rod for 10.000 Zeny (you need to equip this!). He also sells some baits for beginners like the Living Earthworm (1000 Zeny each) and Fresh Lobster (1500 Zeny each). You can buy max. 100 baites at once,  but you can repeat it endlessly…^^ You can also get these 4 special baites by echanging these fishes:

  • Jumbo Shrimp for a Whale*
  • Giant Earthworm for a Giant Squid*
  • Special bait for a Giant Cotopus*
  • Summer Festival Coin for a Sturgeon*

You can get these rare fish with these special baits, too but it’s very hard. If you are doing the Fishing Missions you will get these special baites.

*You have a chance of getting a part of the Egir equipment and a Blue Whale as well.

Fishing Missions

You can also get these fishigng missions from the Chef Assistant:

  • fishing Salmon
  • fishing Piranha
  • fishing Snapper
  • fishing Octopus
  • fishing Tuna
  • fishing Shark

Complete them to get rewarded.

Note: You can complete every fishing mission once a day and then you need to wait to talk to this NPC again. It’s possible to abort a mission. If you have finished one or all missions just go back to the Chef Assistant. You can see the time in your quest-log.

screenChaos070Now let’s start fishing. But…where? Just have a look on this map with the spots. You can find 1-3 spots on every marked point. Just click on the fish spot (with equiped rod and baites) and start fishing!

After a clicking on a spot there is a small dialogue:

  1. Choose “Fishing”
  2. Now you have to select a bait. You can also use a fish as a bait O_o
  3. You have to select a method: automatic or manually. If you choose automatic…you don’t have to do something more. If you choose manually you need to koordinate your rod in different directions.
  4. Well, after some seconds you have to pull the rod and there is a loading bar over your head.
  5. You will get a fish…or not…it’s all about luck! ^.~
  6. You can repeat this as many times you want (during this event).

screenChaos072Sometimes a special spot appears on the water. It’s a group of rare fish. If you see this spot try your luck. It’s also nice to have some special baites for this moments ;)

screenChaos074You can also exchange your fish for items:

  • Carp – 10 for 10 Fly Wing
  • Mackerel – 5 for 5 Butterfly Wing
  • Cuttlefish – 10 for 3 Red Gemstone
  • Carp – 4 Carp for 5 Blue Herb or 8 Carp for 2 Royal Jelly or 12 Carp for 10 Authoritative Badge
  • Eels – 4 for 15 White Slim Potions or 8 für 5 Elunium or 12 for 2 Oridecon
  • Salmon – 10 for 1 Dead Branch or 15 for 5 Poison Bottle
  • Piranha – 4 for 1 Seed of Yggdrasil or 8 for 2 Lucky Rice Cake
  • Snapper – 2 for 1 Yggdrasilberry
  • Octopus – 1 for 1 Seed of Yggdrasil
  • Tuna – 1 for 2 Lucky Rice Cake
  • Shark – 1 for 1 Yggdrasilberry

Here is a list of the chance of getting something:
Which fish – which bait (incl.  auto and manual fishing):

malangdo-ratesSo just select a price or sell the fish to other players. It’s up to you! It’s festival time!

screenChaos077Every day (between 8 and 10pm) you have access to the blackmarket NPC. You can trade you fish for other items? Which one? Be fast and find it out :)

Rare rewards:

  • 1 Old Card Album – 3 Sturgeon or 3 Giant Squid or 3 Giant Whale or 3 Whale
  • 1 Magic Card Album – 3 Sturgeon and 3 Giant Squid or 3 Giant Octopus and 3 Whale
  • 1 Egir Armor K – 5 Sturgeon, Giant Squid, Giant Octopus and Whale or 1 Blue Whale

Gravity Europe changed the rewards after the first year because of the mighty rewards. Too many MCA’s and OCA’s on the market, a lot of bots / macro users…so a nerf was needed. Just accept this event as it is or do something else. It’s still a nice event.

Part 2 – The Quest with Eugine and Amy:

Note: Maybe you will get another quest (depends on your Base-Level). Just read the text carefully and check the quest-log as well.

screenChaos080On Malangdo Island go a little bit in the west to find two children. It’s Eugine and Amy. Talk to Eugine 1987first and he needs some help with his homework. You have to collect some insects: Centipede. You will also get 30 Centipede Capture Boxes to collect them. Now you need to go to Manuk Field. This map is nothing for Newbies. So, go to this map (New World -> East). At this moment you don’t need to talk to Amy.

screenChaos082New World -> East -> South: Here you can find Centipede (not Larva!). I don’t get a Centipede with my first 30 boxes. So I walked back to Eugine to get 15 boxes. You need to find:

  • 2 Big Capture Box or
  • 10 mid-sized insect Box

1 Big CaptureBox uad 5 mid-sized insect boxes are also working. Got them? Great! Go back to Eugine.

It’s also possible to get a LuciolaVespa Capture Box. Then the hunting quest changed. You will also 1994find these monster in the New World. The chance of getting a capture box is a little bit higher (imo). If you are  unlucky you are just getting some Dust…You got the requested insects? Return to Eugine. He also needs 15 Blue Herbs and 3 Slick Paper for his homework. You will get the Egir Manteau [1] as a little reward.

screenChaos088*The following details are missing on this picture:

  • Obove: Some text about the hat.
  • Down: Garment, Defense 10, Weight: 30, Level 40+ all classes

Note: You need a quest to travel to the New World. You can find the quest here.

screenChaos089Now you can talk to Amy. She wants you to talk with Josh in Comodo. You can find him at 156, 324, then return to Amy. She wants to know the weather on some days in July.

  • 3. July – (sunny)
  • 10. July – (sunny)
  • 17. July – (sunny)
  • 22. July – (rainy)
  • 30. July – (sunny)

After this you need to bring her 30 Rusty Screw. Why? For a roboter! You got the screws? Ok, talk to Amy again and you will get the Egir Shoes [1].

screenChaos090In the end of the quest you can bring her again 15 Rusty Screws and you will get 10 Summer Fee Coins, 5 Special Bait and 10 Schwartzwald Pine Jubilee (HIT +10 Flee +20 for 10 minutes). You can repeat this quest once a day. Why not trying to get a Gelato Hat?

Part 3: So! What else?

screenChaos084In the right upper corner you can find a marketplace. You can do something there! What? Go on reading this guide ^^

  1. Fisherman – Nothing related to this event…
  2. Squizzle – You can exchange Coins/Zeny for SquidBBQ (regen HP/SP and you get 25% more EXP from fish monster. You can also buy them for 7000 Zeny each.
  3. Jilpung – Wuff…a dog ^^
  4. Woman – Dialogue with “Guy”
  5. Guy – Dialogue with Womand and Squizzle
  6. Epicure2 – Dialogue with Epicure
  7. Guest – Just a guest ;)
  8. Epicure – Dialogoe with Epicure2
  9. Guest – another guest… ^^
  10. Robin 35 – A maschine…
  11. Ice Cream Man – You can create a Gelato Hat for 3 Festival Coins. Just bring him these coins and he tries to create one (no guarantee of success!) I got 1 Gelato Hat after 3 tries… :(
  12. Hot Girl – Dialogue with Hot Boy
  13. Husband – Dialogue with Wife
  14. Hot Boy – Dialogue with Hot Girl
  15. BerryBerry – He wants a Salmon Fish and you are getting 3 Iceflake in exchange (regen 5% HP & SP but you are freezing for 2 seconds). You can also buy it for 5000 Zeny each.
  16. Wife – Dialogue with Husband
  17. Guest – …and another guest

screenChaos085You can also use the grill to create some food. Which one?

  • Carp Skewered – (30% more magicial damage to all kind of monsters for 5 seconds)
    Required: 2ea Carp and 1ea Apple
  • Eel Skewered – (30% less magicial damage from all kind of monsters for 5 seconds)
    Required: 2ea Eel and 1ea Banana
  • Salmon Skewered – (increase MSPD for 5 seconds)
    Required: 2ea Salmon and 1ea Banana and 1ea Grape
  • Piranha Skewered – (increase ASPD +5 for 5 seconds)
    Required: 1ea Piranha and 1ea Grape and 1ea Lemon
  • Snapper Skewered – (increase MATK by 30% for 5 seconds)
    Required: 1ea Snapper and 1ea Mastela Fruit
  • Tuna Skewered – (increase ATK by 30% for 5 seconds)
    Required: 1ea Tuna and 1ea Mora Mandarin
  • Snapper Skewered – (???)
    Required: 1ea Shark and 1ea Mastela Fruit and 1ea Mora Mandarin