Ambernite Game


  1. Possible rewards (they change these items from time to time, A-Z & 0-9)
  2. Game-Window
  3. Field with blue eggs (5 and 0)
  4. Field with green eggs (I and V)
  5. Main price (9)

To start the Ambernite-Game you need at least one Amber Pearl from the iShip (you can’t trade this item with other players). You will start the round on “A”. There is a spot randomly between A and I and stops somewhere. The grey fields are filled with prices. You can stay and keep the item or go on shaking. The I / V & 5 / 0 are filled with eggs. You can collect these eggs to start later on the board.

You won’t find these eggs inside your inventory; they are “virtual” on you character.

Be fast and don’t wait too long to choose your reward. If you’re waiting too long the game will be aborted and everything from this round is gone.

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