Alle fRO-Quests

You can find all guides for fRO-Quests inside this table. This is not complete yet but we’re working on it.

A Tribute to the Kings-AlleEvent
Abyss Lake Eingangs-Quest-AlleZugangs-Quest
Acolyte Training-AcolyteQuest
Acorn Exchange-AlleQuest
Airship Ticket Quest-AlleQuest
Alarm Mask Quest-AlleMixing
Alberta Doll Quest-AlleQuest
Alchemist Gathering Quest-AlleQuest
Alchemist Job-ChangeJob: 40+MerchantJob-Change
Alfheim Perfume70AlleQuest
Amatsu Blue Harvest QuestN/VN/VN/V
Amatus Dungeon Eingangs-Quest-AlleZugangs-Quest
Angel Wing Ears-AlleMixing
Antler Quest-AlleMixing
Arrow CraftingJob: 30+ArcherSkill-Quest
Arrow Repel QuestJob: 35+ArcherSkill-Quest
Assassin Job QuestJob; 40+ThiefJob-Change
Attitude to the New World70AlleZugangs-Quest
Ayam Quest-AlleMixing
AyothayaDungeon Zugangs-Quest-AlleZugangs-Quest
Baby Pacifier-AlleMixing
Back Slide QuestJob: 35+TheifSkill-Quest
Bakonawa Extermination120AlleQuest
Bao Bao Quest-AlleMixing
Barde Job ChangeJob: 40+ArcherJob-Change
Beanie Quest-AlleMixing
Berserk QuestJob: 30+SwordmanSkill-Quest
Binocular Quest-AlleMixing
Biological Weapon60AlleQuest
Black Cat Ears Quest-AlleMixing
Blacksmith Job-ChangeJob: 40+MerchantJob Change
Blessing Blossoms-AlleEvent
Blue Fish Quest-AlleMixing
Blue Hairband Quest-AlleMixing
Blush Quest-AlleMixing
Boys Cap Quest-AlleMixing
Bradium Collection70AlleQuest
Brasilis Dungeon Zugang40AlleZugangs-Quest
Brasilis Murder QuestN/VN/VN/V
Brasilis Water Lily Quest40AlleQuest
Bride Mask Quest-AlleMixing
Bride's Corolla Quest-AlleMixing
Bruspetti Quest50AlleQuest
Bulb Band Quest-AlleMixing
Bunny Band Quest-AlleMixing
Ankauf-Shop (Non Merchant)-Alle, außer MerchantQuest
Cake Hat Quest-AlleMixing
Candle Quest-AlleMixing
Can't look into his Eyes100AlleQuest
Cart Decoration Quest?MerchantSkill-Quest
Cart Revolution QuestJob: 30+MerchantSkill-Quest
Cast Iron-Cauldron100AlleQuest
Cat Hand Service Angeln-AlleQuest
Cat Hand Service-AlleQuest
Catfoot Hairpin-AlleMixing
Cat's Strike back!-AlleEvent
Cautious Village Quest-AlleQuest
Change Cart QuestJob: 30+MerchantSkill-Quest
Chef Hat Quest-AlleMixing
Chesire's New Day-AlleQuest
Chinese New Year 2015-AlleEvent
Chinese New Year 2016-AlleEvent
Christmas Charity-AlleEvent-Quest
Christmas in Niflheim-AlleEvent
Clean the Ship (tägliche Quest)-AlleQuest
Clean the Ship Quest-AlleQuest
Club MIdgard-AlleEvent
Collecting Draco Eggs70AlleQuest
Cowboy Hat Quest-AlleMixing
Crazy Uproar QuestJob: 15+MerchantSkill-Quest
Cresent Hairpin Quest-AlleMixing
Criminal Activities QuestN/VN/VN/V
Cross Hat Quest-AlleMixing
Crow of Destiny60AlleQuest
Crown of the Ancient Queen Quest-AlleMixing
Crown of Mistress Quest-AlleMixing
Crunch Toast-AlleMixing
Crusader Job ChangeJob: 40+SwordmanJob-Change
Crusader Shrink Quest-CrusaderSkill-Quest
Dancer Job ChangeJob: 40+Female ArcherJob Change
Dancer Job-ChangeJob: 40+ArcherJob-Change
Decorative Golden Bell Quest-AlleMixing
Decorative Mushroom Quest-AlleMixing
Deviruchi Hat-AlleMixing
Dewata Legend Quest60AlleQuest
Die eifersüchtige Orc-Lady-AlleEvent
Doctor Band Quest-AlleMixing
Document Quest80AlleQuest
Dokebi Battle Quest-AlleQuest
Domestic Dispute Quest-AlleQuest
Drooping Cat Quest-AlleMixing
Dubious SalesmanshipJob: 30+BlacksmithSkill-Quest
Easter Celebration!-AlleEvent
Eclage Zugangs-Quest-AlleZugangs-Quest
Eden Group Tutorial-AlleQuest
Ear Muffs Quest-AlleMixing
El Dicastes Department Quests~AlleQuest
El Dicastes Rüstung & Enchants-AlleQuest
Endless Tower Quest50AlleDungeon
Energy Coat QuestJob: 35+MagierSkill-Quest
Parent's Quest Teil 456AlleEvent
Angeling Coin Exchange-AlleExchange
Evil Wing Ears Quest-AlleMixing
Eye of Hellion Quest60AlleQuest
Eye of the Beholder QuestN/VN/VN/V
Factory Quest-AlleQuest
Fashionable Glasses Quest-AlleMixing
Fatal Blow QuestJob: 30+SwordmanSkill-Quest
Feather Bonnet Quest-AlleMixing
Fill the Crack Quest-AlleQuest
Find Stone QuestJob: 20+ThiefSkill-Quest
Finding a Fairy70AlleQuest
Findinf the Whale Island-AlleQuest
First Aid Skill4Novice+Skill-Quest
Flower Hairpin Quest-AlleMixing
Frede's Request70AlleQuest
Friendship Quest50AlleQuest
Frog Hat Quest-AlleMixing
Gemstone Exchange-AlleMixing
Genetic Change Material-GeneticMixing
Get Rid of the Jejeling100AlleQuest
Ghost of the Ferry Ship100AlleQuest
Giant Aid Band Quest-AlleMixing
Greed QuestJ:30BlacksmithSkill-Quest
Grief for Greed Quest-AlleMixing
Guarana Quest-AlleQuest
Guillotine Cross Job Change99ThiefJob-Change
Hair Style Quest-AlleMixing
Haare färben-AlleMixing
Hair Styling-AlleQuest
Hahoe Mask Quest-AlleMixing
Hair Brush Quest-AlleMixing
Halloween Dead Hunter-AlleEvent
Hat of the Sun God Quest-AlleMixing
Headset Quest-AlleMixing
Heart Hairpin Quest-AlleMixing
Helm of Angel Quest-AlleMixing
Help Mikhail-AlleQuest
Help Mr. Zabaroo Quest-AlleQuest
Help Out the Old Man60AlleQuest
Help Rina getting through Easter!-AlleEvent
Help the bad Cats in Danger!-AlleQuest
Help the Lovers!-AlleEvent
Agimat Creation100AlleQuest
Herstellung von Dyestuffs-AlleMixing
Herstellung von Pfeilen-ArcherMixing
Hide an Seek Quest50AlleQuest
Holy Light Acolyte SkillJob: 30+AcolyteSkill-Quest
Homunculus Quest (Bioethics)-AlchemistSkill-Quest
Hot-blooded Headband-AlleMixing
Hot Cakes Quest-AlleQuest
HP Recovery while MovingJob: 35+ SwordmanSkill-Quest
Hugel Memory Quest50AlleQuest
Hunter Job-Change QuestJob: 40+ArcherJob-Change
Indian Headband Quest-AlleMixing
Investment System-AlleMixing
Iromo Quest70AlleQuest
It's cooking time!-AlleEvent
Jakk is alive!-AlleEvent
Jejeling and Jejellopy100AlleQuest
Juice Quest-AlleMixing
Juperos Ruins History-AlleQuest
Kafra Corp. Recruits20AlleQuest
Kiel Hyre Quest70AlleQuest
Kitsune Mask Quest-AlleMixing
Knight Job-ChangeJob: 40+SwordmanJob-Change
Kostenloser Skill ResetBis Base Level 40!AlleQuest
Kuh melken50AlleQuest
Language Quest-AlleQuest
Laphine Craftsman70AlleQuest
Lazy Smokie-AlleMixing
Lost Child Quest60AlleQuest
Lost Puppies-AlleQuest
Mage Hat-AlleMixing
Magican Hat Quest-AlleMixing
Magistrate Hat Quest-AlleMixing
Malangdo Fishing Festival-AlleEvent
Malangdo Island Quest60AlleQuest
Manuks Monster Suppression70AlleQuest
Maries Child Quest100AlleQuest
Marvelous Medal Eintausch-AlleMixing
Meat Exchange-AlleMixing
Medicine Quest50AlleQuest
Message Delivery Quest80AlleQuest
Mine Hat Quest-AlleMixing
Mixture & Counteragent Quest-AlleQuest
Model Training Hat-AlleMixing
Einbroch Mörder-Quest-AlleQuest
Monk Job ChangeJob: 40+AcolyteJob Change
Mr. Smile Geffen-AlleMixing
Mr. Smile Payon-AlleMixing
Mr. Smile Prontera-AlleMixing
Muff Loan60AlleQuest
Mystic Rose-AlleMixing
Mythical Lion Mask-AlleMixing
Necktie [1]-AlleMixing
New Surroundings70AlleQuest
New Year Event-AlleEvent
Nurse in Port Malaya100AlleQuest
Oktoberfest Event-AlleEvent
Old Glast Heim130AlleInstanz
Onward to the new World70AlleQuest
Open Buy ShopMin. Vending Lv. 1MerchantSkill-Quest
Opera Masque Quest-AlleMixing
Opera Phantom Mask-AlleMixing
Ore Downgrading-AlleMixing
Oxygen Mask-AlleMixing
Parcel Hat-AlleMixing
Parent's Quest Teil 256AlleEvent
Parent's Quest Teil 356AlleEvent
Parent's Quest Teil 156AlleEvent
Part Time Job70AlleQuest
Party Hat-AlleMixing
PecoPeco mietenV/AKnightSkill-Quest
Pet Equipment-AlleMixing
Ph. D. Hat-AlleMixing
Phantasmic Arrow QuestJob: 40+HunterSkill-Quest
Piano Key Quest-AlleQuest
Pile Bunker Quest99MechanicQuest
Potion Herstellung-AlleMixing
Pretend Murdered-AlleMixing
Priest Job ChangeJob: 40+AcolyteJob-Change
Priest "Redemptio"Job: 40+PriestSkill-Quest
Protovich's Spirit Extractor-AlleEvent
Purified Bones100AlleQuest
Quest Ticket Eintausch-AlleMixing
Racoon Hat-AlleMixing
Raffle my Fish off!-AlleEvent
Ragnarok Tactics Event---
Rainbow Eggshell-AlleMixing
Red Ribbon-AlleMixing
Rin's Request70AlleQuest
Rogue Guild Investigation-AlleQuest
Rogue Job ChangeJob: 40+ThiefJob-CHange
Rumor, Time and Legend120AlleQuest
Sand Attack Quest25ThiefSkill-Quest
Sapha's Visit70Alle(Zugangs)-Quest
Sara's Memory99AlleQuest
Sashimi Knife Quest-AlleQuest
Saving Xmas - Episode 6-AlleEvent
Saving Xmas Episode 7-AlleEvent-Quest
Seal of Sleipnir70AlleQuest
Seal of Megingjard60AlleQuest
Doha's Secret Orders70AlleQuest
Secret in the Woods100AlleQuest
Shadow Mission Quest70AlleQuest
Shiny Blade100AlleQuest
Singing Bard-AlleQuest
Smokie Leaf Quest-AlleMixing
Snowysnow Quest-AlleQuest
Soccer Tournament!-AlleEvent
Soloplay Box 1+2-AlleQuest
Song of Iara-AlleQuest
Sonic Acceleration QuestJob: 40+AssassinSkill-Quest
Soul Linker Job ChangeJob: 40+TaekwonKidJob-Change
Spiritual Protection100AlleQuest
Spore Hat-AlleMixing
Spy Quest-AlleQuest
St. Patrick's Day-AlleEvent
St. Patrick 2017-AlleEvent
Stone Fling QuestJob: 15+ThiefSkill-Quest
Stop Mettos Research-AlleQuest
Strange Hydra Quest-AlleQuest
Straw Hat-AlleMixing
Striped Hairband Quest-AlleMixing
Successor to the Throne---
Sunday Hat-AlleMixing
Super Novice Job-Change45NoviceJob-Change
Taming Items Alberta-AlleMixing
Teddybear Hat-AlleMixing
The Lion's Roar---
The Sign Quest50AlleQuest
Throw Venom Knife-AssassinSkill-Quest
Tikbalang Taming Quest100AlleQuest
Tom Yum Goong Quest--Quest
Traditional Weapon-AlleQuest
Tribe Investigation70AlleQuest
Trick Dead Quest4NoviceSkill-Quest
Tripatriate Union’s Feud70AlleQuest
Tulip Hairpin Quest-AlleMixing
Turtle Island Zugang-AlleZugangs-Quest
Turtle Island Treasure Quest-AlleQuest
Two Tribes70AlleQuest
Valentine's Event 2016-AlleEvent
Valentine's Day 2017-AlleEvent
Valkyire Helm-AlleMixing
Welding Mask-AlleMixing
Wie fliegt das Luftschiff?-AlleQuest
Wild Flower-AlleMixing
Winter Hat-AlleMixing
Wonder Nutshell-AlleMixing
X-Hairpin Quest-AlleMixing
Yggdrasil Berry Gathering-AlleQuest
Z Gang Quest70AlleQuest