Account bound Items

There are some Items ingame they can’t be traded to other accounts. Some event items can’t be traded,too (e.g. Lotto Balls). But all these items are not in the list below. There are only iShop and Ambernite Items inside the list.

NameWo zu bekommen? How to get?
Abrasive 10 BoxiShop
AGI Biscuit StickiShop
Amber Pearl iShop
Black Devil Mask [1]Ambernite-Game
Boarding Halter BoxiShop
Bubble Gum Medium BoxiShop
C Black Strong HairiShop
C Ifrit's BreathiShop
C Red StrongHairiShop
C White Strong HairiShop
Captain PipeiShop
Chicken HatiShop
Convex MirroriShop
Cooked Ninte TailiShop
DEX Biscuit StickiShop
Dragon Breath CocktailiShop
Elven Ears [1]Quest
Enriched EluniumiShop
Enriched OrideconiShop
Fallen Angel WingsAmbernite-Game
Four Leaf Clover in mouth Quest
Giant Fly Wing BoxiShop
Glass of Illusion 10 Box iShop
GM-Mercenary ScrollQuest
Greedy Frog Box / HatAmbernite-Game
HD Bradium Box 5iShop
HD Bradium Box 10iShop
HD Carnium Box 5iShop
HD Carnium Box 10iShop
Hwergelmir's ToniciShop
Ice Wing EariShop
Immortal StewiShop
INT Biscuit StickiShop
Lucky Clip Medium BoxiShop
LUK Biscuit StickiShop
Medium Life Potion 10 BoxiShop
Pearl BagiShop
Pearl Bag 50iShop
Regeneration 10 BoxiShop
Rideword HatiShop
Scarlet RoseiShop
Small Life Potion 10 BoxiShop
Steamed Desert ScorpionsiShop
Steamed TongueiShop
STR Biscuit StickiShop
Superior Battle ManualiShop Box
Turtle HatiShop
Universal Catalog GoldiShop
VIT Biscuit StickiShop
x MVP ScrollsiShop Box

Source: fRO-Forum

Some boxes are tradeable (e.g. Biscuit Stick Box), but you can’t trade the single sticks after opening the box. But there are also boxes like the Lucky Clip Medium Box. You can open them to get single Lucky Clips and they are also tradeable, but after using a single Lucky Clip its bound on your character.

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