Fake News… yeah, Ragnarok Online Edition

Well, nowadays you can find posts inside the web they’re completly fake. Bad written articles, bad investigated and fishy as hell. Don’t know why these guy’s are writing with “switched off brain”, but ok, als long as they are so many smart people like you out there. The message from Gamestar was wrong but they already wrote an correction. We can also read a post from our beloved Gamemasters:

Dear adventurers,

I’m writing a fast statement about the rumors that our servers will close. These rumors came up due to a bad written German article on a MMO website:

iRO has officially announced that an restriction of ip addresses will block European players in the future from there servers. And it seems that this website somehow mixed things up. Our servers will not close. We do warmly welcome every european iRO player who decide to start a new Ragnarok journey on our server!

Thank you for your attention,
GM Jolinar

We’ve already wrote an article about this WarpPortal statement a few days ago, but our article was correct. :1:

If you need valid news, just use THIS trustful website :6:

Source: fRO-Forum

Source: Gamestar

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