Important message to all players on EU-Server!

Right now there are some scammer on this server. They PM players ingame and force them to enter a chat room and they impersonate to be a GM (maybe as a Community Helper as well). They want to talk to you via Skype and you have to download something, but it’s a trojan/virus. So they can get your account data from the game without your knowledge and permission. Please ignore these messages and report them instantly inside the forum or write a ticket on the fRO-website. No GM (Gamemaster) or CH (Community Helper) will ask you for your password or account ID. And they don’t want to hire you via Skype as an Event GM and so on. Be careful who is inside your chatroom and take a screenshot if you find a scammer. Thanks!

Special BuyIt NPC


From now until 11/06/18 at 10:00 AM, the Random Costume Boxes are back at the “BuyIt” NPC. Please find the price list below:

  • Fashion Costume Box1: 100Krts
  • Fashion Costume Box2: 100Krts
  • Fashion Costume Box3: 100Krts
  • Fashion Costume Box4: 100Krts
  • Elven Fashion Box: 200Krts
  • Strongman Costume Box: 200Krts
  • Food Costume Box: 200Krts
  • Costume Collection: 100Krts
  • Costama Xmas Party: 175Krts
  • GirlsSelection Egg: 200Krts
  • BoysSelection Egg: 200Krts
  • Costama Spring Party: 200Krts
  • Costama Holy Darkness: 200Krts
  • Summer Bride Box: 200Krts
  • Costama Horror: 200Krts
  • Toybox Scroll: 100Krts
  • Frozen Scroll: 100Krts
  • Costama Helm: 200Krts
  • Costama GirlsSelection2: 200Krts
  • Costama Flower Garden: 200Krts
  • Costama Partners: 250Krts
  • Costama Wing: 250Krts
  • Costama Seaside: 250Krts
  • Costama Monsters: 250Krts
  • Costama HalloweenII: 250Krts
  • Costama Animals: 250Krts
  • Costama Mystic: 250Krts
  • Costama Frozen II: 250Krts
  • C Girls Selection III: 250Krts
  • Costama Animals II: 250Krts
  • Costama School: 250Krts
  • Costama Monsters II: 250Krts
  • Costama Cyber: 250Krts
  • Costama Seaside: II: 250Krts
  • 2016Costume Hait Collection 1: 200Krts
  • 2016Costume Hait Collection 2: 200Krts
  • Costama Wing II: 200Krts
  • Costama SteamPunk: 200Krts
  • Costama Holy Darkness II: 200Krts
  • Costama Characters: 200Krts
  • Costama New Year II: 200Krts
  • Costama Gothic II: 200Krts
  • Costama FlowerGarden II: 200Krts
  • Costama Animals III: 200Krts
  • Costama GirlsSelectionIV: 200Krts
  • Costama Monsters III: 200Krts

Thank you for your support and have fun!

List of Costume Boxes

Source: fRO-Forum

June 7, 2018 – Weekly Maintenance *Update*

Have been updated with this maintenance:

  • Kafra Operations
  • Switched the War of Emperium 2 Town
  • The “Ramadan” Event continues
  • New Event: Blow up your Bubble Gums & No Level Penalty!
  • Fix the NPC “Einon” from Tom Yung Goong Quest (issues in several languages)
  • Fix several Item Descriptions in German (translations, double descriptions)
  • Server optimization: An error in the server configuration occured since OVH servers crash. It has been fixed today. Please report us if you notice a difference, especially with lags

Source: fRO-Forum

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